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Reliable STEROIDs Outlet in UK

In November 2009, Hallo Healthcare Group confirmed the successful sale of its 1,00 packs of steroids high street and community  sales to new customers, saving 6,500 branch jobs and ensuring steroids delivery remain widely available across the UK.

Steroids Outlet brand remains part of the Hallo Healthcare Group. Steroids Outle Online Doctor and SteroidsOutle.com continue to trade as usual with exciting plans to expand our digital offering further in the coming months.

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What we do

Steroids Outlet is much more than a dispenser of steroids. Our  customers are our main focus and we endeavour to provide them with high quality healthy products and services.

Professional journey

STEROIDs OUTLET achievements timeline

We are committed to being a business that balances purpose with profit that create value for all our stakeholders.

Looking Forward

Looking Forward to The Future

Over more than half a decade of success, Steroids Outlet, has always been the reliable choice for steroids users in the UK. Steroids Outlet focuses on customer needs, delivering reliable products and services that engender long-term trust. During the past 20-plus years, much has changed, but Steroids Outlet core values still hold true today.

January 2024

Partnership, Network and Expansion

Multiple Products Channels

SteroidsOutlet.CO.UK Multiple channels are the different ways Source and sell our products or services to our customers. Including online channels, such as our website, social media, email, or e-commerce platforms, and offline channels, such as distributors, resellers, or direct sales agents.

February 2014

Beta Testing

User Feedback

The product enters beta testing. A select group of external users is invited to try out the product and provide feedback.

September 2009

Launch Event

Official Launch

The product is officially launched to the public. The marketing campaigns go live, and the team focuses on driving user acquisition and adoption.

June 2006

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