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What is Pharmaqo Labs Arimidex 50 tabs x 1mg?

Arimidex is a breast cancer drug used by some bodybuilders to lessen anabolic steroid adverse effects. The medication reduces the levels of estrogen in the body. This steroid is helpful between the cycles in helping with reducing the effects of other heavy steroids that athletes use. They help maintain and lower the estrogen levels in the body, giving the muscle a much defined and leaner look.

How Pharmaqo Labs Arimidex 50 tabs x 1mg works?

Arimidex functions and characteristics are extremely basic but strong. Arimidex works by blocking the enzyme of aromatase, which in turn produces estrogen. Arimidex can inhibit the aromatase pathway by lowering the body’s serum estrogen; 80% overall estrogen suppression with this AI was also well known.

This is very helpful for many women with breast cancer and is highly useful for many using anabolic steroids.

How to take Pharmaqo Labs Arimidex 50 tabs x 1mg?

The user can avoid gynecomastia and water retention by using Arimidex in an anabolic steroid cycle that includes aromatizing steroids. This will also guard against hypertension. While some steroids also can induce hypertension without fluid retention, the main cause of high blood pressure among anabolic steroids is extreme water retention.

The dosage is 0.5mg to 1mg daily administered orally.

Side effects

Lower estrogen levels are the source of the most prevalent side effects of ARIMIDEX. Hot flashes, breast pain, articular pain, and arthritis are included. Bone nourishment by nutrients is important to avoid complications such as osteoporosis. During usage, many women also gain weight.

Other common side effects during treatment are nausea and fatigue. ARIMIDEX is likely to induce cardiac side effects such as fluid retention (edema) and heart attack.

How to buy Pharmaqo Labs Arimidex 50 tabs x 1mg?

Arimidex is a powerful but simple steroid that can be used to avoid side effects of certain androgenic steroids. They are extremely helpful for athletes looking to reduce the impact of steroids. You can buy authentic and safe products including Arimidex and other steroids from


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