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Hemi Pharma Test-Mix 400

Hemi Pharma Test-Mix 400 is a combination and blend of various testosterone esters, initially created as a safe alternative to sustanon steroid. People find Test 400 for sale as it eliminates the need to buy different testosterone esters individually, saving considerable money and making it easier to administer.

Composition of Test-Mix 400:

The basic composition and ingredients of Test-Mix 400 are:

  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate, 60mg.
  • Testosterone isocaporate, 60 mg.
  • Testosterone Enanthate, 150 mg.
  • Testosterone decanoate, 100 mg.
  • Testosterone Propionate, 30 mg.

Dosage Options for Test: Mix 400:

For a safe test of 400 cycles, it is recommended not to stack it with any other compound and to use it alone. For getting the maximum test benefit of 400, below are some dosage options with recommended cycles:

  • Men are advised to consume 400 to 1200 mg weekly based on their experience and tolerance level.
  • Females are encouraged to consume within a range of 100 to 250 mg weekly, while sticking to the lower end of the range minimizes the chances of side effects.
  • The test cycle range can be anywhere from 8 to 20 weeks, but ideally, a 12-week cycle is considered sufficient.

Maximizing Results:

To get maximum results from test-mix 400:

  • Avoid drug and alcohol consumption.
  • Consume healthy food with calculated calories and nutrition.
  • Following a consistent workout routine.

Who should avoid Test-MMix400?

People with certain medical conditions, as mentioned below, should avoid consuming Test-Mix 400 without consulting their healthcare provider.

  • Patients with liver and kidney disease.
  • Patients undergoing cancer treatments.
  • Patients with elevated calcium levels.
  • Patients on medication have raised cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Women who are trying to conceive or pregnant.

Expected gains from the test mix:

Being one of the most efficient mass-building substances, consuming Test-Mix 400 with proper exercise and diet can help an average user expect a 10 to 15% increase in muscle mass. In addition, it helps to boost strength, raise energy, increase focus, and reduce recovery time.

Importance of PCT after the test 400 cycle:

After running a complete cycle of Test 400, the body is unable to produce testosterone due to the flooded testosterone during the cycle. To restore the natural testosterone and hormonal balance in the body, proper post-cycle therapy can help. For a complete 12-week PCT, it is advised to use Nolvadex with a daily dosage of 40mg for the first two weeks and later reduce it to 20 mg for completing the PCT.

Buying Hemi Pharma Test-Mix 400:

With the online market full of scams, we suggest purchasing only from authentic sellers such as the  Steroids outlet With a complete range of oral and injectable steroids, you will also have peace of mind about the originality of your steroids and can completely focus on your fitness goals.


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