‘Super Farming Boy’ is “Harvest Moon on Steroids” and is Heading to iOS, Android, PC, and Consoles Soon

‘Super Farming Boy’ is “Harvest Moon on Steroids” and is Heading to iOS, Android, PC, and Consoles Soon

Farming games. So cozy, so chill. Nothing like kicking back, tending to your crops, maybe starting a relatioinship with someone or something, and just living the virtual easy life. But what if a farming game wasn’t so chill? What if a farming game described itself as “Harvest Moon on steroids?” Well we’ll find out the answer to that when LemonChili releases their upcoming title Super Farming Boy on mobile, PC, and consoles at some point in the near future. You are a boy, you are a farmer, you are SUPER. A Big Bad has kidnapped all your friends and your own mother, and is holding them hostage with a price for each. You’re basically forced to do your farming to earn a bit of scratch, and hopefully you can collect enough to buy their freedom and take down the villain. Being that you’re super and all that, your farming skills aren’t exactly those of your typical farmer. This trailer for Super Farming Boy sets up the story well and then goes into much more detail on how the mechanics and gameplay work.

This definitely feels like an arcade-first experience built into the outlines of a farming game, and I am super here for it. The combo-based farming and slew of power-ups give Super Farming Boy a heavy emphasis on action which sounds like a nice change of pace from the slower, more methodical farming games that typically require patience. I also really dig the wacky characters, animations, and overall art style which isn’t surprising coming from the same developer that brought us the likes of Floyd’s Sticker Squad and Tower Power – Flick’em Up. No hard release date is set for Super Farming Boy just yet, but you can Wishlist the PC version over on Steam to keep tabs on its progress or you can sign up to beta test over on the game’s official website, and once we know a firm date for the mobile release we’ll let you know.

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