Intex Pharma T3 100 tabs



Intex Pharma T3 100 tabs

T3, aka Cytomel, is a famous synthetic thyroid hormone known among fitness experts for its ability to enhance performance, leading to fast-track weight loss. T3, scientifically known as liothyronine sodium, is a man-made version of the T3 hormone that is generally produced by the thyroid gland and is responsible for maintaining body temperature, producing energy in the body, and regulating metabolism. Bodybuilders buy T3 as it allows for efficient fat-burning that allows the user to shed stubborn fat while retaining lean muscle mass.

Benefits of Intex Pharma T3 100 Tabs:

The early medical use of T3 was to treat hypothyroidism, but it is also famous for providing special benefits to bodybuilders, such as:

  • Faster fat loss:

By stimulating lipolysis, the process by which body fats break down and release fatty acids can lead to an increased 25% rate of fat burning.

  • Metabolic rate is increased:

Being a synthetic hormone, T3 can help increase the metabolic rate by up to 40%, which allows the body to burn more calories even in a rest state, which leads to effective and faster weight loss.

  • Stimulation of the central nervous system:

With the ability to enhance the activities of the central nervous system, the use of T3 can lead to better cognitive functions, with an improvement in mood leading to alertness.

  • People find T3 for sale when they want to lose weight as it can suppress appetite and cause a drop in hunger, which makes it easier to follow a strict diet and consume calories as per the deficit required.
  • Enhanced physical performance:

By pacing up metabolism and increasing alertness, T3 can help enhance the production of energy in the body, leading to an increase in physical performance.

T3 recommended dosage:

  • When starting as a beginner, men should start with a daily dose of 50 mg.
  • With an increase in experience and fitness level, the dose can be gradually increased by 25 mg before reaching the desired dose.
  • Exceeding the maximum recommended dosage of 100 mg can lead to unwanted side effects in both men and women.
  • Women require a lower dosage as compared to men, so start with 25mg in the beginning and later increase it by 12.5 mg per week until the desired dosage is reached.

How and why to buy T3 Tabs:

If you are looking to incorporate PCT into your regime, buy PCT T3 to achieve faster recovery results. Although it was originally formulated to be revived through production, it is now being searched for by people looking to find the best PCT for sale. To get authentic T3 tabs at the best price, the safest option is  Steroids Outlet due to its market reputation and vast variety of products.

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