Intex Pharma T400 (Test 400)



What is T400?

Test 400 is a blend of various testosterone esters. It was created as an alternative to the powerful anabolic sustanon steroid.

What is Test 400 made of?

Having the same properties as pure testosterone, the basic ingredients are:

  • Testosterone Enanthate, 120mg
  • Testosterone Cyp, 120 mg
  • Testosterone Deca, 160mg

How to use:

When on a test 400 cycle, it is advised to use it alone, as it isn’t safe to stack with anything. The property of t400 having testosterone propionate makes it work as soon as it enters your bloodstream.

Proper Dosage:

To get the most of the test’s 400 benefits, a proper dosage and cycle are essential. The whole dosage can be taken or divided into two.

  • Option 1: Inject 400 to 800 mg once a week.
  • Option 2: Take 200 EOD or 400 EW from the first week until the eighth week.
  • Cycle duration should be followed between 8 and 12 weeks for best results.
  • After the cycle, wait at least one week for the ester to vanish from the body before beginning post-cycle therapy.

Before starting Test 400:

You shouldn’t start your test after 400 cycles if you have any of the following:

  • Male breast cancer.
  • Heart issues.
  • Liver issues.
  • Kidney issues.
  • Prostate cancer.
  • High calcium level.
  • If on medication for high cholesterol or using a blood thinner.
  • Pregnant women or women trying to conceive.

Routine to Follow:

  • No alcohol or drugs due to its chemical compounds.
  • Proper diet with calculated nutrition.
  • A consistent workout routine must be followed for better results.

Expected Results:

If you buy Test 400, it will work as one of the best mass-building substances. If used with a proper diet and exercise routine, an average person can expect a 10% gain in natural mass. With muscle growth, it also helps to achieve maximum strength and an energy boost. The effects of T400 are far stronger than those of ten cups of coffee, and with the increase of red blood cells in the body, your energy level reaches its peak.

Post-Cycle Therapy:

After a complete cycle of test 400, your body is flooded with testosterone. Due to this, the testicles stop producing their testosterone, and once you stop using T400, the natural testosterone level is suppressed. To restore the natural level in the body, it is advised to use Nolvadex for 2 weeks with a daily dosage of 40mg and, in the later weeks, 20 to 40mg during the total cycle of 12 to 13 weeks.

Where to Buy From:

If you have understood the test 400 benefits and want to make a safe online purchase, you can get it from the Steroid outlet and get it delivered within 24 hours within the UK and one week worldwide.


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