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What is Winstrol 50mg?

Winstrol 50mg is a synthetic derivative of testosterone. Each tablet has 2mg stanozolol. It is used to prevent the indications of angioedema and severe attacks of angioedema. It belongs to a class of drugs called anabolics. It helps people get stranger, gain body mass, enhance acceleration etc. It doesn’t convert to estrogen; thus, men don’t have to panic about gynecomastia problems. It doesn’t cause water retention, which makes it favorable for many bodybuilders. Winstrol enhances speed, agility and power. It has high bioavailability when used with a quality diet and excellent workout routine.

How Winstrol 50mg works?

It increases C4 protein and c1INH levels’, thus enhancing these proteins helps in preventing HAE attacks. It has less ability to bind androgen receptors, but it strongly stimulates erythropoietin production and protein synthesis. This agent may lose fat while retaining mass, which further increases red blood cell formation and hemoglobin production.

How to take Winstrol 50mg?

Take this steroid as prescribed by your doctor. If you don’t understand this information, you can consult your doctor. Usually, there are no restrictions in eating certain food drinking beverages unless your doctor directs it. Following are the patterns that should be followed.

  • It must be taken intravenously. Thus, it must be taken on an empty stomach, so absorption problem does not occur.
  • The usual adult dose at the initial stage is 2mg per day (three times)
  • Decrease this dose at the end of three months and take 2mg per day instead of taking it three times.

Risks and Side Effects:

  • The Allergy may be characterized by swelling of the tongue, lips, or face and breathing difficulties.
  • Other common side effects are facial hair growth, deepening of the voice, voice changes, and menstrual irregularities in females.
  • Frequent erections and breast enlargement in males
  • New or worsening acne, insomnia, changes in sexual desire and breathing problems.
  • Feeding females and pregnant women should avoid this.

Precautions Before taking Winstrol 50mg

Don’t take any steroid without consultation with the doctor. Tell your doctor if you are allergic to the medicine or any of its ingredients. Share your medical history with your doctor if you have had heart diseases, liver issues, kidney problems, breast or prostate cancer (in the case of men).misuse or abuse of this steroid can cause serious issues. It may cause tiredness, anxiety-related issues when you stop using this steroid.

How to Buy Winstrol 50mg Online?

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