Stephen A. Smith Opens Up About His Weight Loss Transformation

Stephen A. Smith Opens Up About His Weight Loss Transformation

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STEPHEN A. SMITH has undergone a dramatic physical transformation over the last year, after a series of health issues prompted him to make some major changes to his lifestyle. In a recent wide-ranging interview with biologist and 10X Health founder Gary Brecka on his YouTube channel, the ESPN mainstay revealed just how much has changed thanks to Brecka’s intervention.

“That was me a year ago, ladies and gentlemen,” he said, over an image of himself before he began his weight loss journey. “Yeah, that was your boy Stephen A. I can’t even tell you how bad I was. Nearly 30 percent body fat. A cholesterol level over 300. And .1 point away from being a full-blown diabetic. And that was after I had Covid, which damn near killed me.”

“This is a year later,” he continued, showing off his visibly leaner appearance. “As you can see, times have changed.”

While Smith tends to be a very private person outside of his work as a sports anchor, he felt compelled to share his health journey and be transparent, in the hopes that it will encourage others to take proactive action in their own lives.

Smith revealed that a year after beginning the process of changing his diet and increasing his physical activity, he is no longer pre-diabetic, his blood sugar is normal, and he’s gained around 6 pounds of lean muscle.

He also addressed the rumors that his recent weight loss has been aided by the controversial diabetes medication Ozempic, which has become popular as a “diet drug” in wealthy circles.

“I’ve had people come up to me man, you know, that Ozempic must be good,” he said. “I’m like, I didn’t take that! I’m doing cardio six days a week, weightlifting five days a week, I take my supplements and vitamins, but I’m not doing that.”

He added that his mindset with regards to exercise has also changed dramatically, saying: “I went from being conniving and slick and trying to avoid the gym to being pissed off that I missed going to the gym.”

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